An inverted triangle body type means you have long, lean legs and a swimmer's back that is slightly wide and slender. With this type of body, you will need to accentuate curves in the lower half of your body and lessen your upper torso.


Put on darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom. Explore horizontal stripes and patterns in tops, which guide the eye to your long legs. Accept your swimmer's shoulders by wearing halter tops. Wear tasteful, fitted clothing to highlight your waist and show off your sporty features. Choose wide-legged slacks, especially with the flowy fabric.


She encourages women over 40 not to fear wearing big, statement pieces. As example, a small strand of pearls could look stylish, but in many cases, a string of over-exaggerated pearls would emphasize your appearance and finish your attire.


You should really also take into consideration sashes, or, alternatively, unnoticeable belts if you do not want this accessory. Women normally need a belt, but they don't appreciate the bulky buckles, so often go without one. To combat this, Wilkins and her pair of sisters created a company that creates an" unnoticeable" belt made from wafer-thin plastic with a modest snap. She says they benefit women in their 60s who don't want the added girth from a belt buckle.




As women grow older, metabolism reduces. If your body has changed and you are toting a little more weight in areas than you used to, you may need to reinvent some ways of dressing. The right fit of clothing is very important for women of all ages, but primarily 40-plus considering that it can make or break an image .


You may not like the look of a clingy top. Try draped and shirred tops that will address a tummy . If you wish to cover your arms, you can find classy longer-sleeved alternatives, like cardigans and shrugs, to do this. You can also find an undergarment called "Sleevy Wonder", which has different sleeve options you can wear as a layer under your shorter sleeve items.


Wear a choker locket or scarf to draw attention to your face and away from other areas. Never wear clothes that are far too saggy; it will really make you look larger. Walton says sizes too large-- and too tiny-- can make your body look unstylish and unflattering. She advises neutralizing this by ensuring you buy the correct size and by buying your clothing tailored.


Women over 70 frequently fear colors-- black is slimming, after all-- but you should not feel shy in splashing up your wardrobe. Make certain your nail polish is a sophisticated color instead of neon, urges Pollock. If you decide on cool colors such as blues and greens, see to it that they are toned-down variations. Wear bright colors and prints in areas where you want to spotlight. Do the reverse to areas you wish downplay. If you have beautiful eyes, pick colors that emphasize them.


Going out at night is a great time to spruce up a little or a lot for a memorable affair or event. Instead of resorting to wearing all black in hope it's going to make you seem taller, here are some tips on how you can dress yourself tall for the night. The same fundamental principles apply as those I've pointed out in prior training videos, so if you have missed those, go have a glance at the playlist.