I want to emphasise once again that these suggestions are not set in stone and it's up to you to determine what works better for you. But if you wish to appear young and hip, then these' fundamentals' can definitely help. The more you make sense of your body and your look, the more you can break these rules as you please.


Fashion advice for the over 45 woman appears to regularly lack substance. You simply find simple tips loaded with pessimism, full of what you can't do-- nothing at all considerably appropriate to a woman's spirited professional, cultural, and family life. And do you have to comply with those shameless statements anyway?


If you are a woman over 40 with a rectangle contour, you probably have a straight, sporty figure with little to no curves. You have minimal waist definition, a small butt, and spectacular, long legs. Here are our tips:

Fabrics that drape and gather on your body will generate a softer, curvier shape. Don't be afraid to incorporate color into your outfits, especially toward the bottom half of your body. This will produce curves near your hip area. Textured textiles add size. Attractive ruffles and pleating are best worn on the upper part of your body near your breast, which will incorporate softness and fullness to your breast area. Highlighted sleeves and soft, floaty fabric will also contribute to the illusion of a curvier body.


Women over 60 with a round frame have shaped legs and a natural, full bust. Women with this body type will need to decrease the tummy area and focus on creating balance and definition of the waist.

You can also develop V-necklines with shawls if you don't have a variety of V-neckline tops available. Play with accessories. The key to enhancing the round shape is in developing the impression of vertical lines by hanging scarves, using long necklaces and earrings that have length. Wear darker, neutral colors closer to your body for the inside layer and lighter colors on the outside. Produce a visual centerpiece that attracts the eyes upward toward the neckline, which will help to make the midsection look more defined.


Women over 40 who have the triangle type of body, also described as the "pear shape," have a detailed waistline and shaped tush. You will need to minimize fullness below your waist and add the optical illusion of well balanced shoulders up top.


Surrounding your bust area, experiment with textured fabrics for example, pleating and tasteful ruffles. Slight embellishments near or on the shoulder area will give the aesthetics of well balanced shoulders instead of sloping ones. Cinched tops that are appropriately fitted and finish on top of your waistline will further add definition to your waistline, which, therefore, creates the perfect hour glass design.